“I Can’t Walk”

Continued from last post…

So, maybe B’s just a little sensitive and grumpy this morning, no big deal. I carry him to the family room, put on cartoons and give him his medicine and some juice.  Ten minutes later, my wife calls him into the kitchen to eat breakfast.  He says, “Mom, don’t you remember?  I can’t walk”.

Huh?? He’s still on this, “I can’t walk”, business??  I say, “You were running around, chasing your brother last night before bed, what do you mean you can’t walk”?  He replies, “I don’t know.  My legs hurt and I can’t walk.”  So, my wife goes to him and looks at his legs.  They look normal, but he’s sitting with them bent up and refuses to straighten them out because they hurt.  Hmmm.  So, she lays him down and gently tries to straighten them.  He cries and protests a bit, but they straighten.  She rubs them a bit and asks if they’re “asleep with the pins”?  Is that why they hurt?  Nope, he says it’s not that.  Maybe it’s growing pains?  He is due for a growth spurt.  So, she asks him to stand up and he refuses.  A little panic rises up in us.  I lift him up, coaxing him to stand and he’s dead weight and refuses to bear any weight at all on his feet.  A little more panic rises up in us.  “Ok, lets take this one step at a time”, she says.  Let’s massage your legs a bit and we’ll try to stand again.  After a few minutes of rubbing them, we are able to get him to bear a little weight on his feet, but far from where we need to be.  “I’ll help you walk to the kitchen”, I say.  He is crying a bit and says that it still hurts, but he tries.  It was like watching Bambi learn how to walk.  His legs kept giving out under him and it was like he was just learning how to take his first steps.

I am in shock.  What the heck happened to my 6 year old???  My mind is flooded with questions and I can’t help thinking the worst.  Is this serious?  Does he have bone cancer?  What is going on?  Jen assisted walking him around the house a few rounds, loosening up his legs and trying to get strength back in them.  He takes a break and eats some breakfast.  Then she helps him get dressed and by now, he’s able to stand on his own while brushing his teeth.  He walks on his own back into the kitchen, but it is definitely not his normal way of walking.  However, he is improving quickly.  We call the doctor’s office as soon as they open and even the receptionist sounds concerned.  I was hoping for her to say, “Oh, don’t worry too much, it’s common”.  Nope!  In fact, she said, “Well, I spoke to the nurse and he needs to be seen as soon as possible”.

By the time we take him in, he’s almost back to normal.  We explain the story to the doctor and he seems a bit perplexed at first.  He examines him and says, “Well, I’m not going to do a bunch of blood tests or x-rays”.  (Our doctor is awesome like that…super intelligent, logical and good at using his clinical skills instead of relying on a bunch of unneeded testing).  He continues, “I’m pretty sure he has Synovitis.  Synovitis??  What the heck is that?  He explains how he believes that his strep throat virus traveled to his leg joints and caused inflammation and pain.  Symptoms are worsened and more noticeable after a long period of rest, which explains how he felt so much pain and stiffness after he woke up from a long night’s sleep.  And also explains how he improved after we massaged them and loosened them up.  He also mentioned how Ibuprofen helps because it reduces the swelling.  Well, it just so happened that we gave him a dose that morning, so that made sense to why he was feeling better so fast.  He said he’s already on the antibiotic, so it’ll just heal in time and if it happens again or persists, to bring him back in.

What a relief!  I’m not kidding you, I was terrified there for a while.  I couldn’t figure out what the heck happened to my healthy little boy.  When we got home, we Googled Synovitis just to check it out.  The article we found had a description that fit B perfectly.  It confirmed everything that the doctor told us and even said that it’s most common in boys ages 3-8!  B is 6… unbelievable!  Here is the link that we found from KidsHealth.com in case something like this has or ever will happen to one of your kids… https://kidshealth.org

Interesting stuff!!  Just feeling thankful and blessed that it’s a very temporary and curable sickness and that nothing serious was taking place.  B’s back to his old self again and everything’s good!