Case of the Sickies

Do you ever have one of those awful weeks that drags on forever and nothing seems to go right?  Well, I did last week and man, was I ready to kiss that awful week, goodbye!  It started Sunday morning when my oldest son, “B”, woke up with a fever.  No big deal, gave him some Tylenol and pretty soon he was back to normal, chasing and antagonizing his little brother, like usual.  Well, by the afternoon, he was really complaining about his throat and head hurting him, plus he had a little cough.  Since the Tylenol had worn off, we checked his temp again and it had spiked back up to 101.3.  Gave him more meds, more water, snuggled him up on the couch with his favorite blankies, turned on his favorite T.V. show, “Alvin!! and the Chipmunks”.  Pretty soon he was fast asleep.

Taking a nap on the couch is always our tell tale sign that B’s really not feeling good.  This kid, much to our dismay, stopped taking naps cold turkey, when he had just turned 3.  The only time he takes a nap now, is when he’s sick.  My wife, Jen and I remember fondly the time when everyday, we could look forward to a peaceful, quiet house for a couple hours in the midday.  We loved nap time and we counted on those naps for our own sanity!  We even managed (although, for a short lived time) to have both boys take their naps at the same exact time!!  Pure Heaven on Earth!

Anyway, B’s fever went back down after his nap, due to the meds and he played and even ate a little supper.  Then we had our normal bedtime routine of jammies, brush teeth, potty, books, then lights out.  We assumed he’d probably feel better in the morning.

Well, B slept the whole night, but woke up early Monday morning, crying..his fever was back up to 101.9.  No school for B.  Same complaints, throat hurts and still has a cough.  The rest of the day was pretty much a repeat of the day before.  By the way, we’re not the type of people who rush our kids to the doctor every time they get a fever, sore throat or a little tummy ache.  We were, however, those people when the boys were littler.   Every time we took them in, the doctor would always respond with, “Well, it’s just a virus that has to run it’s course and antibiotics aren’t necessary”.  It basically ended up being a wasted trip and co-pay, when we could of just treated them at home.  So, now that we’re more experienced parents (Ha!  We still are just winging this parent thing), when we do decide to take our kids to the doctor, they’re in pretty rough shape!

We thought surely B has just a little virus that’ll run it’s course and he’ll be better by the next morning.  Tuesday morning comes and B’s fever is back AGAIN.  Day 3 of the fever.  And now he’s complaining of his tummy hurting.  So, we think he has strep throat and call the doctor.  Meanwhile, I’m starting to feel like crap and so is our youngest; it’s spreading like wildfire!  Jen takes the boys to the doctor and they have to do that horrible strep test where they have to shove that long q-tip down your already sore throat, until your gagging.  Sounds like fun, huh?  The initial strep test came back negative, but they have to send it to the lab for cultures.  So, no antibiotics yet.

Wednesday morning rolls around and now B and T (our youngest) both have fevers, coughs and tummy aches.  We get a call from the doctor and the cultures came back positive…Strep throat.  Ugh.  We have to go and pick up the antibiotics and deal with ANOTHER day of them being home sick.  Luckily, Jen only works part-time and has had several days off this week to care for them, so I could get some work done getting the equipment ready for upcoming planting.  However, the downside of them being home sick is that we’re entirely sick of them being home sick!  You see, when the boys get the Tylenol/ Ibuprofen in them, they start acting pretty much back to normal and on top of it, now they’re bored and have cabin fever after being home for 5 days in a row!  So, we (mostly Jen) have to deal with them fighting, wrecking the house and fighting some more.  At this point, we’re begging for them to get better and go back to school!

Thursday morning comes.  Now this is where it turns weird.  B wakes up for the first time in 4 days without a fever.  Yes!  Back to school for you buddy!!  BUT, while he’s still in bed, he winces a little bit and says, “My legs hurt.  I can’t walk”.

Huh?  He can’t walk??

To be continued…