Hey, my name’s Brandon.  I’m 35 years old.  I’m a husband to my best friend of 12 years and a father of 2 little boys.  I created this blog to just journal my thoughts/ ideas/ experiences/ or whatever else.  A few days ago I was looking at some pictures of my kids when they were babies.  I realized that it was getting harder for me to remember certain things that I always thought I would remember.  Like the details of their schedule and our day to day, what our struggles were at that time and little things that they did.  Pictures are great, but they don’t tell the whole story.  I wish I would have kept a journal to write all that stuff down so that I can remember it all more vividly in the years to come; and also to show them when they get older how much work and trouble they were!  Ha!  Seriously though, to show them how much we love them, how they changed our lives for the better and how special they are.  An added plus would be for them to know a little more about their who their Dad was.  I have horrible writing and would rather type, so I decided to start this little blog and here I am now!

Some basic stuff about me…

  • I’m a Christian.
  • I’m a republican.
  • I work hard.
  • I love my family.
  • I love the White Sox, Lakers and Vikings.
  • I’m really loyal to my friends.
  • I’m a dog person.
  • I’m a meat eater and I love a good steak.
  • I like to work out.
  • I like a lot of music, but country is my favorite.
  • I’m a homebody and would rather hang out at home any day instead of at the bar/club.
  • I say it like it is and don’t care what anybody thinks.

-There’s obviously a lot more to me, but there’s a start.